Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker - Onslaught - Time 2 Paintball
Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker - Onslaught - Time 2 Paintball

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker - Onslaught

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Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker - Onslaught

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker - Onslaught - Time 2 Paintball

Domination. It's what every player seeks over their opposition. Every time you take to the field you seek to exert your will over the opposition. Dominate them. Over Power them.

Your ability to do that relies on many factors. Speed. Skill. Cunning. Desire to win. But true dominance can only be achieved when all of those factors combine with overwhelming technical superiority. When a player has the tools at their disposal to execute their actions, to demonstrate their intent, to impose their will every, single, point. Only through that perfect marriage of player and equipment can domination truly be achieved.

We have done our part. Now it's time for you to do yours.

For the seriously competitive player, the player seeking total domination, to overpower everything, we present the latest in the CS range of spool markers. The CS3.

The CS2 was highly regarded as one of, if not THE best high-end spool marker ever created and to offer a noticeable set of improvements to it was always going to be tough. But, as always, improve we have.


Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball

Power can manifest itself in many forms and the CS3 offers more, across many aspects of its design. Let's start with the NEW OP Core drivetrain. With its Industry First Fully Double Decoupled drive (FDD), and integrated auto dwell dynamics (ADD) it provides supreme consistency, efficiency and reliability, in our most powerful and intelligent spool drive assembly to date. Its 50% increase in valve chamber volume enables the OP Core to operate at an insanely low pressure range of 95-105psi, which not only offers a reduction in sound signature, but noticeably reduces bolt force and recoil and an approximate increase of almost 20% in efficiency over the CS2 that this replaces. The OP Core benefits from the NEW Cure FT bolt that has a higher air flow rate throughout its 3-stage acceleration and completes the truly impressive OP Core drivetrain package.

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball



The CS3 prides itself on not only delivering power from its incredible levels of performance, but on the confidence it gives the player when they step under the net. The ergonomics, how the marker feels in the hand and how the player becomes at one with the marker are important to the success of both parties. With a longer grip pitch, a higher rear hand position on the frame, and a reduced overall height from barrel bore to tank centerline, the stance of the CS3 feels instantly more aggressive than its predecessors. But also instantly familiar to those who have spent any time with any Eclipse high end offering. Visually, the CS3 appears more purposeful with its aggressive stance, confident milling, and poise.

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball


The NEW two-piece tool less wraparound textured grips not only make accessing the modular marker electronics package (MME) an effortless task, but the rear section now extends to cradle the rear frame overhang, bringing a level of comfort and completeness to the grip that is difficult to appreciate, until held.

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball

The rear grip also incorporates a sealed push-button console to eliminate paint and water ingress, plus a magnified lens to enhance the crisp OLED display screen. We believe this is our most complete, comfortable and effective grip package of any marker.

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball

At the front, we have the tool less foregrip sleeve which not only protects the tool less lock n' load battery housing, but provides the player with a comfortable grip with an optimum level of stability, length and space for all playing styles.


The DefTek™ breech system (DBS) incorporated an offset inlet to prevent paintballs from bouncing back into the feed neck. This helps eliminate chops and loading fracture in the breech during periods of low or inconsistent feed from the loader. The feed neck incorporates the latest self-locating locking feed lever to complete the secure and stylish feed interface.

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball



At the finger tips, the 5-point adjustable-rake blade trigger gives the player total control of how the marker feels and fires. The range of adjustability to its operation and trigger angle empowers players to customize the pull to their liking, regardless of gloves or bare fingers.

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball

Accessing the breech sensors and detents, including the spare detents, is effortless with the latest evolution of the tool less breech cover system and locking tabs, and incorporate spare onboard ball detents, just in case.

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball
Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball



At the sharp end of the CS3 is the incredible S63 Pro 3-piece barrel system. Made from micro-honed aluminum, each section of the S63 has been designed to perform at the same consistently high levels as the marker itself. The aggressively styled front and back sections align perfectly with the CS3 design language, whilst the Eclipse PWR Inserts give the player complete confidence when bore matching. The S63 and CS3 are the ideal partnership for delivering powerful performances and achieving greatness.

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball



Inside the CS3 is our modular marker electronics (MME) package which is a user-centric step forward in the development of marker electronics. Its 3-piece modular construction makes maintenance, trouble-shooting and servicing simple and more cost-effective for the consumer. The CS3 MME package also benefits from the upgraded comms board which houses the on-board BLE Bluetooth® module, enabling the user to connect wirelessly to our E-Portal Lite app for refining the operation of the marker or creating custom firing settings to suit playing environments. It also enables connectivity to any other applicable technologies, such as Bluetooth enabled loaders.

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball
Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball

Planet Eclipse CS3 Marker Havoc - Time 2 Paintball



We believe the Eclipse CS3 is everything that the seriously competitive player needs to succeed. At all levels. In all conditions. It's built to dominate. It's built to Over Power the competition. Are you?

CS3 Features

  • CS3 3D Milled Aluminum Body
  • CS3 Quick Release Bolt Mechanism
  • CS3 Frame With Extended Reach and revised Grip Geometry
  • NEW OP Core Drivetrain
  • 3-Stage Bolt Acceleration
  • Fully Decouple Drive (FDD)
  • Auto Dwell Dynamics (ADD)
  • 50% Larger Valve Chamber Volume
  • Lower Operating Pressure – 95-105psi
  • Reduced Bolt Force
  • Reduced Recoil
  • Reduced Sound Signature
  • NEW High Flow FT Bolt
  • Deftek Breech System (DBS)
  • 5-Point Adjustable Blade Trigger w/Rake Control
  • S63 Pro Barrel - Total Length 14.5"
  • S63 PWR Inserts 0.685" and 0.689" Inserts
  • NEW MME Electronics Package
  • BLE Bluetooth On-Board
  • OLED Rear Mounted Heads-Up Display
  • Quick Release Tool less Eye Covers
  • Onboard Spare Detents
  • Horseless Air Transfer System
  • Low Profile CS3 POPS Assembly
  • New Two-Piece Tool-Less Wrap-Around Interlocking Grips With Sealed Push-Button Console And Magnifying Display Lens
  • Low Profile Feed Neck With Locking Sprocket Wheel
  • Non-Slip Rubberized and Textured Foregrip
  • Lock N' Load Battery Holder
  • 2 X AA Battery Operation
  • Tool-Less Battery Replacement
  • SL5 Inline Regulator In Grip Frame
  • Frame Mounted Electronics (FME)
  • Two Bolts – FT and Hard Tip Bolts Included
  • Ultra Low Power SMC Pilot Valve
  • User-Serviceable Solenoid Assembly
  • Parallel Processing with Two 16bit Microprocessors
  • Micro USB Programming Port
  • E-portal and E-Portal Lite App Compatible
  • Fully Mech Compatible – Mech Frame Sold Separately



WEIGHT 876g/1.93lb (inc Barrel, Batteries, Feed, POPS)
LENGTH 553mm/21.77" (inc Barrel)
HEIGHT 194mm/7.64"
WIDTH 32mm/1.26"


BODY 6082-T6 Aluminum
BARREL 6061-T6 Aluminum
FRAME 6061-T6 Aluminum
TRIGGER 6061-T6 Aluminum
EYE COVERS 6061-T6 Aluminum
FEED 6061-T6 Aluminum


USER INTERFACE 3 buttons on frame with tournament lock on PCB
MICROCONTROLLER 32-Bit High Performance, Low Power, RISC Microcontroller
→ CHECK CHART Compatible via Micro-B socket (cable not supplied)
Bluetooth On-board


TRIGGER MECHANISM Leaf spring and magnetic return
TRIGGER PIVOT Dual instrument ball race units mounted in trigger
BARREL 14.5" 3-Piece S63 with 0.685” and 0.689” Inserts
FEED TUBE Low-profile lever operated clamping feed with sprocket thumbwheel


OPERATING PRINCIPLE Fully Decoupled Spool Valve
SOLENOID TYPE SMC Pilot with Custom PE 3-Way
DRIVE MECHANISM OP Core – Fully decoupled, dwell insensitive
BOLT MECHANISM Cure FT Bolt/Cure Hard Nose Bolt


GRIP TYPE Dual density tool less wraparound rubber grips
GRIP PITCH 180mm/7.1"


FIRING MODES Semi & ramping (capped/uncapped)
DEBOUNCE MODES 10 debounce presets

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