Trade in Program

Looking to trade in your paintball marker or sell it outright? Our quick and simple Trade-In Program will help get you there! All you have to do is fill out the form, answer a few questions, provide pictures, and we can move forward with the appraisal and trade-in process! Keep in mind that we may not approve all trade-in and sale requests as they are approved on a case-by-case basis. Please do not send us your marker until the entire appraisal process has been completed and the trade-in has been approved.

If you’re looking to trade in your used paintball marker, we will appraise your marker and apply the determined value towards your new marker. You will then pay the price difference. Trade-ins are only valid if you are trading in your marker for another that is of a determined equal or higher value. 


If you’re trying to sell your marker for cash outright, the appraisal process will be the same as if you were trading in. Once a value for your marker has been determined, we will then make you an offer for it. Do keep in mind that the offer we give will be less than the marker’s determined value. As a business, we still need to resell it, and must take into account the expenses that come with cleaning and maintaining the marker as well as the fees associated with selling it, all while trying to make a profit.