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Tech Services

Here at Time 2 Paintball, we offer a wide range of tech services. Whether it’s maintenance or repairs, upgrades and modifications, full builds, or anything in between, our staff has over 50 years of combined experience to provide world-class tech work at affordable rates.


Just as you would take your car in to the shop, your marker requires maintenance approximately every 15,000 shots. Our maintenance service includes full disassembly, replacement, and lubrication of all the seals, chronograph testing, and velocity adjustment. Parts sold separately.

Mechanical Marker Maintenance

Starting at $35

Electronic Marker Maintenance

Starting at $45

Pump Maintenance

starting at $45

Tippmann Maintenance

starting at $45

Autococker Maintenance

starting at $100

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Tank Services

Air systems are usually an afterthought, but it’s just as important as your marker. Dust and debris can enter your tank through poorly maintained air fill stations and compromise the integrity of your regulator piston. With our preventative maintenance and regulator repair services, we can ensure that your tank can continue working at peak efficiency. We also understand that sometimes, you might need to go on a flight with your tank, or feel like upgrading to a more efficient regulator. That’s why we offer regulator swap, removal, and installation services.

Regulator Maintenance and Rebuild


Regulator Installation/Swap

Starting at $20

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