Hydrostatic Testing

Your tank is one of your biggest investments in paintball, and we want to ensure that you get the most out of it. That’s why we offer hydrostatic testing services, so that you can utilize your tank for the entirety of its lifespan.


Turnaround Time: Approximately one week

Hydrostatic testing is the process of evaluating the structural integrity of your tank. Tanks are fully submerged into a chamber filled with water and are over pressurized. The flexing of the tank during this process is quantified by the amount of water displaced, which also determines whether or not your tank is still structurally sound.

Hydrostatic testing is important in ensuring your safety as well as those around you. Failure of compromised air systems can result in injury or fatality. The U.S. Department of Transportation also requires that tanks are hydrostatically tested every five years after its manufacture date. Any entities are legally forbidden from filling “expired” air systems, which includes all fields and stores like us.

So long as you haven’t been using it and your tank was manufactured within the last 15 years, you can still rehydro it! Keep in mind that even though hydrostatic testing certification is valid for 5 years, if you’re nearing the end of your tank’s life, that certification may be shorter. For instance, if your tank was manufactured in July of 2008, its overall lifespan is until July of 2023. If you bring it in for hydrostatic testing in January of 2022, the certification will only be valid for the remainder of its overall 15-year lifespan (which is just over a year).